Fuel briquettes

Delivery time: on request

€238 per ton

inkl. VAT* plus delivery charges for the deliveries to Austria, Switzerland

Free delivery within Germany

Minimum order: 20 ton

*for deliveries to Austria and Switzerland the price is €238 per ton without VAT
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  • Eco- and environmentally friendly fuel
  • Dimensions Ø90*30 cm
  • Moisture - 8.6% from softwood (primarily pine), type Nestro
  • Without synthetic or chemical binders
  • 100% natural product
  • 5 pieces in the packaging
  • Weight 10 kg sealed in thermofilm
  • Pallet 960 kg
  • Delivery time on request
  • Delivery to Germany, Austria, Switzerland
  • Minimum order: 20 tons

Our advantages

  • 1 ton of briquettes is 6 m3 firewood (about 3.5 tons), 500 m3 gas, 5200 kWh of electricity.
  • The cost is 30-40% less than wood and coal, depending on the area of the room.
  • Unlike firewood or coal, they take up less space and do not pollute the premises.
  • Briquettes burn with a minimum amount of smoke.
  • Convenient and compact for transportation, storage and use.
  • Do not need to be pricked, chopped or sawed.
  • Made of environmentally friendly material - ordinary sawdust.
  • Unlike gas, they are not harmful.
  • For heating private houses, industrial buildings, warehouses, cold stores, cottages, greenhouses with the help of boilers and solid fuel stoves.

Storage conditions

  • Under the right storage conditions and the integrity of the sealed package, the shelf life is unlimited.
  • Store briquettes in a dry, covered room at a temperature of -50° to + 50 ° C.
  • Protect from water and aggressive media during storage, and from direct sunlight and sources of fire.


  • Best to ignite with the help of igniting fluids;
  • Water the briquettes with a priming liquid, wait until the liquid is absorbed, then light it.